Lights, Camera, PROM - Virtual Prom for High School Students - May 8

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“Lights, Camera, Prom” is a virtual party for all high school students to ensure they can still participate in the high school tradition of prom. Just like any other prom, we have a theme: Movies! Students are encouraged to come dressed up in various categories:

Don your red carpet best and dress like a celebrity on a premier!
Wear an outfit inspired by your favorite movie or movie character.
Create your own outfit or come as you are! Everyone is welcome at this party!

The prom will last one hour. During that time, we will play bingo and movie-themed trivia. There will also be outfit contests to give prizes to students dressed in the various categories for the event. We will also be giving away random prizes throughout the night while a DJ plays student’s favorite music. All attendees will be encouraged to walk our virtual “Red Carpet” for pictures. If comfortable, students can also get interviewed by our SADD Staff paparazzi, who will ask for their favorite movies, actors, and accomplishment this year. Dancing is, of course, welcome, and we will even take time to learn a move or two that can be performed over Zoom. Finally, there is an optional after prom for students to continue chatting with friends, listening to music, and playing more games. It will be a joyous, friendly, engaging night of movie magic to provide a fun prom experience.

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Saturday, May 8, 2021