22 Oct

SADD and the National Road Safety Foundation offering scholarship to winning entry!

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Would your students like a chance to win a cash scholarship?
Would your students like the opportunity to become an influencer?
Do your students need volunteer hours?
Does your SADD chapter have a meeting before holiday break this year?
Would you like to be able to tell your top administrator that your student's are making a far reaching impact on highway safety?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, take a look at the attachment and then visit for more information and how to enter.

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23 Sep

California SADD welcomes Compton YouthBuild to the SADD family of California chapters

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California SADD is honored to work with our new chapter, Compton YouthBuild.

If you're not familiar with YouthBuild, you should check them out. The organization is making a real difference in the lives and futures of young people who, had it not been for the YouthBuild programs, may have never been able to achieve their goals.

California SADD is proud to bring leadership, safety, scholarship and many other opportunities available to SADD chapter members to Compton YouthBuild participants.

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09 Aug

100 Deadliest Days 2021

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Every year on the Memorial Day weekend, the nation not only kicks off the first weekend of summer, but those of us in the highway safety industry have a kickoff of our own, albeit not a celebration.

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29 Jun

DUI crashes can happen anywhere, any time. And they are always avoidable.

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This crash is an all too real example of the realities of impaired driving. Any time of the day, any city in the country, crashed happen every day with an undeniable reality, the victims of these crashes do not get a second chance.

This crash, as with all other impaired driving crashes, was totally avoidable. Just four years out of high school, the deceased victim will never had the life he was working towards. And the impaired driving suspect will spend many years incarcerated, all because he made a deadly choice.

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11 Jun

Teen Influencer and Contest for Cash

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Do you know a teen who wants to become a positive influencer?
Do you know a teen who has creative or artistic skills?
Do you know a teen who likes cash prizes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, tell them to go to, to the Resource tab, then to Contests and Scholarships.

Deadline to enter is June 30, 2021! Good luck!

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26 May

Memorial Day, when the drivers of the US hit the road!

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School year is ending!
The country is re-opening.
Families are packing their suitcases.
Airline boarding passes are being printed.
Parents and children are piling into their cars for a Memorial Day road trip.

It's all great and so exciting. After 18 months of protecting ourselves and our loved ones by staying home, we're now ready to make new memories. One of the most overlooked aspects of preparing for a road trip is the car and its readiness. Here is a quick checklist of things to help you prepare for a safe journey on the nation's highway:

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05 May

Who Is SADD? Watch this introductory video to learn more

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Founded in 1981, SADD stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions, and we are the nations premier youth health and safety organization. SADD empowers young people with the tools and resources needed to confront the risks and pressures they face every day including substance abuse, impaired and distracted driving, mental health issues, and more. Through informed programming and a peer-to-peer network, SADD is shaping young people into leaders and advocates for youth health and safety in their schools and communities.

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