Street Smarts

A Smart Program for Safer Streets.

Ever run a red light, jaywalk or speed through a school zone? Most of us have, but we shouldn't. That's why the City of San Jose started the Street Smarts program in 2002 for schools and neighborhoods. This traffic safety education program is designed to get people thinking to help make our streets safer. 

Whether you're a pedestrian, a cyclist, or a driver, your behavior plays a huge role in keeping our streets safe. The Street Smarts program brings education into the equation by building awareness, offering safety tips, and reminding all of us to take responsibility for our actions on the road. 

Street Smarts is focused on:

  • Speeding
  • Red light running
  • Stop sign running
  • School zone safety
  • Crosswalk safety and compliance


The first three behaviors are the leading causes of accidents in San Jose, and the last two address our most vulnerable populations - school kids and pedestrians. Our goal is to encourage people to adopt new attitudes and behaviors that will make our streets, roads and highways safer and friendlier for everyone who uses them. It's just another way we can respect the community in which we live!

Street Smarts was recently adopted in the City of Santa Cruz in August 2017.